Volume 2, Issue 1 (February 2015)

Review Article

Antimicrobial activity of medicinal plant for oral health and hygiene
Authors: R Salam, BK Sarker, MR Haq, JU Khokon ; Pages: 01-12  

Research Articles

Performance of SVATnet tomato varieties and lines under adaptive trial in Rangpur district in Bangladesh
Authors: ASMY Ali, MH Reza, MA, M Saifullah, MD Hossain, ST Mahabub; Pages: 13-18  

Cost and return analysis of banana cultivation under institutional loan in Bogra, Bangladesh
Authors: MS Kamal, MA Ali, MF Alam; Pages: 19-27  

Effect of seed borne fungi on germinating wheat seed and their treatment with chemicals
Authors: MS Islam, MNI Sarker, MA Ali ; Pages: 28-32 

Prevalence of Balantidium coli infection in man in Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Authors: MAA Hasan, MA Ali, MAA Hasan, AFK Rakib, MA Alam, MMH Mondal; Pages: 33-36  

Causes and possible solutions of poverty perceived by char dwellers in Bangladesh
Authors: MNI Sarker, MA Ali and MS Islam ; Pages: 37-41  

Socio-economic condition of the fisher’s community of Meghna river of Ashuganj Upazila in Brahmanbaria District, Bangladesh
Authors: MS Mia, F Yeasmin, SM Moniruzzaman, MFH Kafi, MI Miah, MS Haq; Pages: 42-47  

Efficacy of medicinal plants against seed borne fungi of wheat seeds
Authors: MS Islam, MA Ali, MNI Sarker; Pages: 48-52  

β-sitosterol reduce cholesterol levels in high cholesterol diet fed zebrafish
Authors: MK Fatema, Yu Chen, Ge Wei ; Pages: 53-65  

Effects of reduced rates of fertilizers on N, P, K, S, and Zn contents and uptakes in BRRI dhan29
Authors: MZI Baki, MA Hashem and MR Islam; Pages: 66-71  

Effects of cultivation method and fertilizer management on the growth and yield of carrot
Authors: NH Patwary, MA Rahman, MF Mondal, SAhmed, SM Shahidullah ; Pages: 72-85  

Occurrence of Balantidium coli in pig in Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Authors: MAA Hasan, MA Rahman, BK Saha, MAA Hasan, ATMFK Rakib, MMH Mondal  ; Pages: 86-89  

Evaluation of some advanced garlic lines against premature sprouting under zero tillage mulched condition
Authors: MA Islam, MR Alam, M Maniruzzaman, MS Molla, MS Islam, MA Begum and D Sarkar ; Pages: 90-95  

kitchen waste compost and vermicompost in combination with chemical fertilizers influence the yield of  cauliflower
Authors: ASMY Ali, MH Reza, MA Mannaf, GMA Halim, M Saifullah, ME Haque ; Pages: 96-101  

Impact of flood hazards on human life and environment in some selected upazilas of Sirajganj district
Authors: MZI Baki, R Khatun, A Khatun, S Akter, P Hazra,  A Sultana ; Pages: 102-106  

Epidemiology of PPR in goat in Kushtia district, Bangladesh
Authors: Sharifuzzaman, MAA Noman, MA Jalil, MH Haque, Z Shahjada, AA Motin ; Pages: 107-112  

Morphometric, productive and reproductive characteristics of cattle at Magura district
Authors: MM Rahman, YA Arafat, MA Jalil, IH Rasel, S Ahmed, MA Islam ; Pages: 113-117  

Isolation and identification of Cryptosporidium from water samples in Bangladesh
Authors: Sharifuzzaman, M Shahiduzzaman, Anisuzzaman, MS Parvez, A Barragan ; Pages: 118-124