Volume 2, Issue 3 (May 2015)

Research Articles

Occurrence of foot and mouth disease in cattle in Magura district of Bangladesh
Authors: MM Rahman, MA Jalil, KMM Hossain, KJ Alam, R Salam,  MA Reza; Pages: 1-4  

Production performance of goat in Kushtia district of Bangladesh
Authors: Sharifuzzaman, SC Barman, MA Jalil, MH Haque, Z Shahjada, SK Fouzder; Pages: 5-8  

Comparative study on conception rate in indigenous and crossbred cows after artificial insemination
Authors: Sharifuzzaman, MA Jalil, SC Barman, MA Matin, M Rokonuzzaman, MA Haque ; Pages: 9-12  

Assessment and monitoring fish biodiversity of Meghna river in Bangladesh
Authors: MS Mia, F Yeasmin, NU Nesa, MFH Kafi, MI Miah, MS Haq; Pages: 13-20  

Determination of suitable density of prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) in concurrent culture with shrimp (Penaeus monodon) in brackishwater
Authors: ML Islam, DK Mondal, MA Islam, SB Saha ; Pages: 21-26  

Prevalence of gastrointestinal parasitic infestation of ruminants at Rajbari, Bangladesh
Authors: K Samaddar, MH Haque, KM Ashfia, SF Nahar, F Boby, SS Saha ; Pages: 27-33  

Determination of crop coefficient for transplanted Aman rice
Authors: MK Haider, MS Islam, SS Islam, MN Islam Sarker ; Pages: 34-40  

Environmental degradation through hill cutting in Chittagong district of Bangladesh
Authors: MM Hassan, S Ahmed, NH Patwary, L Yeasmin, SM  Shahidullah, MA Sattar ; Pages: 41-54  

Qualitative and quantitative microbial load in oral liquid drugs in Bangladesh
Authors: MS Islam, MN Alam, MAA Kabir, T Nasrin, Z Mia ; Pages: 55-59  

Optimization of stocking density of Mystus gulio (Brackishwater catfish)
Authors: MNSM Siddiky, SB Saha, DK Mondal, A Ali and MR Washim; Pages: 60-63  

First service influencing factors for pregnancy rate in dairy cows of Bangladesh
Authors: AK Paul, AK Mandal, MMR Chowdhury, PK Mitra, MA Samad, AA Maruf, MM Rahman, MB Hossain, AA Noman, MM Tarafder, N Bonaparte; Pages: 64-69  

Length-weight relationships and growth pattern of a danionin fish species Chela cachius (Hamilton, 1822) of a perennial lake in Bangladesh

Authors: F Yeasmin, ZF Ahmed, MG Ara, MS Mia, MK Fatema ; Pages: 70-74  

Determination of humoral immunity level of broiler grandparent following vaccination with Newcastle disease virus
Authors: MAA Hasan, MAA Mahmud, S Ahmed, M Uddin, SMSH Belal, MH Kabir ; Pages: 75-81  

Length-weight relationship and GSI of hilsa, Tenualosa ilisha (hamilton, 1822) fishes in Meghna river, Bangladesh

Authors: Flura, M Zaher, BMS Rahman, MA Rahman, MA Alam, MMH Pramanik  ; Pages: 82-88  

Safety assessment of tubewell water at Fulbaria pourasava in Mymensingh district of Bangladesh

Authors: SML Kabir, M Ashaduzzaman, ASA Salauddin, MF Hossain, A Dutta, N Hoda, S Hasan, MMA Shaleh, SK Nath and MM Rahman; Pages: 89-94  

Comparison of different feed for the production of Mystus gulio (Brackish water cat fish)

Authors: MNSM Siddiky, R Yasmin and SB Saha ; Pages: 95-98