Volume 2, Issue 5 (November 2015)

Research Articles

Evaluating the relationship between mental disorders and marriage dissolution in Urmia of Iran 
Authors: M Abbasi, M kakaie, K Saki, SS Lak and M Bahmani; Pages: 1-6  

Determination of lethal effect of Escherichia coli toxin in suckling mouse 
Authors: M Uddin, MAB Siddique, F Afroz and MAA Hasan; Pages: 7-12  

Prevalence of congenital defects of cattle and goat in Bangladesh 
Authors: Hasan MS, Rahaman MM, Sen AB, Islam MS, Khan MSI and Matin MA ; Pages: 13-17  

Socio-economic values and child marriage: A case study on selected villages in Kurigram district 
Authors: Islam MT, Taher MJI, Uddin B and Forid S ; Pages: 18-23  

Willingness of small and landless female rural youth for selected agricultural activities in income earning 
Authors: Hoque F, Shahidullah SM, Patwary NH, Akter N, Anwar  ABMN  ; Pages: 24-36  

Effect of supplementation of vitamin E and selenium on growth and haemato-biochemical parameters of broiler 
Authors: Shamim MAA, Jaber M, Sultana N and Rahman MM; Pages: 37-43  

In vitro callus initiation of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)
Authors: Miraz MF, Mozid MA, Haque MS and Latif MA ; Pages: 44-51  

Studies on the proximate composition of Hilsa of different size group at  Chandpur region
Authors: Dewan BK, Mia MS, Yeasmin F, Sarker SC, Siddky MNSM and Kamal M ; Pages: 52-55  

Antimicrobial sensitivity of bacterial pathogens isolated from day old broiler 
Authors: Biswas S , Akter MR, Chaki AR, Ikbal SM, Matin MA and Alam  MS; Pages: 56-63  

Comparative efficacy of fowl cholera vaccines in ducks
Authors: Jaber M , Sultana N , Shamim MAA, Uddin MS and Chowdhury KA; Pages: 64-73  

Feeding garlic powder on growth performance, nutrient digestibility and carcass characteristics of rabbit
Authors: Hossian MJ, Kamruzzaman M, Akbar MA and Haque MA; Pages: 74-81 

Use of organic amendment for amelioration of salinity stress in transplanted aman rice cv. BRRI dhan41
Authors: Dutta T, Rahman M, Bhuiya S U and Kader A ; Pages: 82-94  
Influence of maternal antibody on Newcastle disease vaccination in broiler
Authors: Jaber M, Sultana N, Shamim MAA, Uddin MS and Amin M ; Pages: 95-102