Volume 3, Issue 1 (February 2016)

Research Articles

Immunogenicity of Salmonella pullorum killed vaccine in selected breeder flock
Authors: Rahman MM, Mazid SA, Hasan MK,  Rony ZI,  Amin MM and Rahman MT ; Pages: 1-4  

Evaluation of semen quality of Black Bengal Goat in Bangladesh
Authors: Siddiqua A, Islam MN, Rahman MM, Khandoker MMAY and ASM Bari; Pages: 5-9  

Microbiological quality of tea vendors at Dhaka, Bangladesh
Authors: Khalil MMR, Pudder T, Alam MG, Mondol GC,  Modak B, Das AK and Kabir MH; Pages: 10-17  

Diseases in nuclear breeding flock of Black Bengal Goat
Authors: Rahman MM, Siddiqua A, Islam MN, Khandoker MMAY and ASM Bari; Pages: 18-24  

Evaluation of some medicinal plants against Escherichia coli, Salmonella spp. and Staphylococcus aureus
Authors: Meghla NS, Hossain M, Alam B, Paul LR, Sultana N, Das AK and Lijon MB; Pages: 25-31  

Prevalence of asthma and its associated factors among the undergraduate students of Bangladesh Agricultural University
Authors: Mamun MM, Salauddin ASA, Hossain MF, Afrin M, Asaduzzaman M, Kabir ME and Mahmud S ; Pages: 32-36

Investigation of Cryptosporidium oocyst in vegetables in Bangladesh
Authors: Asaduzzaman, Sorwar MG, Ali MA., Rahman MM, Sharifuzzaman and Shahiduzzaman M; Pages: 37-41

Impact of food security project on crop production in Bangladesh
Authors: Alam ASMJ, Katun MM, Zomo SA, Patwary NH and Haque ME; Pages: 42-51

Prevalence of endoparasites in pig in Chittagong, Bangladesh
Authors: Sarker S, Dey AR, Begum N, Roy PP, Yadav SK and Mondal MMH ; Pages: 52-58

Prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites of buffalo at Mongla, Bagerhat
Authors: Roy PP, Begum N, Dey AR, Sarker S, Biswas H and Farjana T; Pages: 59-66

Evaluation of nutritive value of three commercial fish feed and their effect on the growth and survival of tilapia (Gift Strain, Oreochromis niloticus) fry
Authors: DK Mondal, MNSM Siddiky and M Paul ; Pages: 67-72