Volume 4, Issue 1 (February 2017)

Review Articles

Phytochemistry and pharmacological activities of Clitoria ternatea
Authors: Lijon MB, Meghla NS, Jahedi E, Rahman MA and Hossain I ; Pages: 1-10  

Research Articles

Pathological investigation of diseases in Sonali cross bred at Joypurhat district, Bangladesh
Authors: Hasan MM, Hossain MS, Mussa MT, Nabi MR, Rahman MM and Rashid SMH ; Pages: 11-18  

Situation analysis of child workers in Sylhet city, Bangladesh
Authors: Sarker T, Sarker LR, Roy DC, Rinku SS, Sarker R and Roy R; Pages: 19-25  

Effect of water use, growth and 15N recovery under lowland paddy field by different water management
Authors: Rahman SM, Kakuda KI, Sasaki Y and Ando Ho; Pages: 26-38  

Effect of household waste and poultry manure on post-harvest soil of Okra field
Authors: Khan RA et al., ; Pages: 39-48  

Yield maximization of potato (Solanum tuberosum L) through integrated nutrient management system
Authors: Ahmed NU, Mahmud NU, Salim M, Halder SC and Ullah H; Pages: 49-56  

Struggling of child workers in Sylhet city, Bangladesh
Authors: Sarker T, Sarker LR, Roy DC and Roy R; Pages: 57-63  

Evaluation of the quality of sweetened condensed milk of different brands available in local markets of Bangladesh
Authors: Siddique MNA, Islam MN, Habib MR, Rashid MHU, Islam MA and Afrin S; Pages: 64-70  

Assessment of composition of different types of food in Barisal city area of Bangladesh
Authors: : Banik J, Khan MSI, Rahman MM, Tareq MA and Hasanuzzaman M; Pages: 71-75  

Alteration of gross anatomy of testicles in black Bengal goat reared at the arsenic polluted area in Mymensingh district of Bangladesh
Authors: : Alam J, Meher MM, Jannat N, Das SK and Awal MA; Pages: 76-80  

Hibiscus rosasinensis depart no baleful effects on histomorphology of Kidney of Swiss Albino mice
Authors: : Bhakta S and Das SK; Pages: 81-84  

Effect of kalogira (Nigella sativa) and BHA (beta hydroxyl anisole) on quality control and shelf- life of beef meatballs
Authors: Rahman M, Kabir MH, Hossain MA, Milon M, Hossain MM and Hashem MA ; Pages: 85-94