Volume 4, Issue 4 (November 2017)

Research Articles

Comparative study on fodder and rice production with the emphasis of economic profitability
Authors: Islam MS, Sarker NR, Ali MY, Habib MR, Billah MM, Miah MAH, Kabir MH and Shahjahan M; Pages: 01-05 

Use of communication media by the women beneficiaries of Grameen Bank in income generating activities in a selected area of Sylhet district
Authors: Akhter S, Islam MR, Ali MS and Faruk MO; Pages: 06-13 

Development of low cost soil testing methods for sulphur and calcium
Authors: Younus M, Jahiruddin M and Mian MJA ; Pages: 14-23 

Shelf life of raw and reconstituted milk at room and refrigeration temperature
Authors: Kar S, Rahman MM and Islam MN; Pages: 24-32 

Germination, viability and vigour of seeds of different types of jackfruit
Authors: Begum S and Haque MA; Pages: 33-38 

Comparative efficacy of tobacco leaves ointment and neem leaves extract against stephanofilariasis in cattle
Authors: Masud MAA, Aziz FB, Labony SS, Hasan MM, Islam R, Rashid MB, Setu SA, Kabir ME and Anisuzzaman; Pages: 39-42 

Facilitators of quality of work life among nurses: A qualitative study
Authors: Akter N and Akter MK; Pages: 43-48 

Evaluation of components from Allamanda leaves extract against Phomopsis vexans
Authors: Jabunnaher M, Lutfunnahar, Malek MA, Kamrunnaher R and Meah MB ; Pages: 49-55 

Impacts of cyclone on livelihood: study on a coastal community
Authors: Solayman HM; Pages: 56-64