Frequently asked questions

May I know about the Journal?

International Journal of Natural and Social Sciences is registered and recognized as international journal by Bibliographic Data Section, ISSN International Centre, France. This journal is concerned with all aspects of natural and social sciences that include agriculture, fisheries, biology, medicine, veterinary medicine, livestock, basic sciences, applied sciences and social sciences.

When can I submit my article?

You can submit your article at any time. It will be proceeded upon your submission.

How do I submit my article?

Please submit your article via email to editor.nssjournal@gmail.com

When can I get confirmation of my submission of article?

You will get confirmation of your submission of article within 24 hours of your email. If you do not get email of confirmation of submission please make a call to 01716460558 or 01717513544

How long it will take to get the decision on the manuscript?

Within two days of your submission of manuscript  your article will be forwarded to the reviewer. You will get reviewer comments as well as the decision of your article whether your article will be suitable to publish or not. If your manuscript do not need any correction or need minor correction it will take maximum one week from the date of decision to get acceptance or publish in the journal.

Can I still make corrections to my article after it has been published online?

The online publication represents the official publication of research results. It is not simply a prepublication service on the part of the publisher. As soon as an article is published online, it is citable and quotable. If changes are then made, confusion can easily arise, with authors citing different versions of the same publication.