Volume 2, Issue 2 (March 2015) Special Issue

Plants for Livestock and Poultry Production

Review Article

Medicinal plants for livestock and poultry production
Authors: ; Pages: 01-10

Research Articles

Use of neem leaf and ginger extracts for cost effective broiler production
Authors: MA Rahman, MA Ali, BK Saha, MAA Hasan, MA Rahman, M Mostofa; Pages: 11-16  

Effects of Neem, turmeric and papaya leaf extract mixture on growth performance of broilers 
Authors: N Mahejabin, M Mostofa, F Akter, S Das, M Alam; Pages: 17-21  

Effects of neem leave powder as a growth promoter in broilers 
Authors: MM Alam, ATMFK Rakib, MAA Hasan, MS Hasan, MA Ali; Pages: 22-26  

Comparative efficacy of neem and ivermectin on body weight gain of bull
Authors: S Das, M Mostofa, F Akter, M Alam, MN Alam; Pages: 27-31

Prevalence of ectoparasite and ivermectin pour on treatment against tick infestation in calves in Jhalakathi district
Authors: AA Motin, MAU Manik, ZI Rony, MK Sarma, J Banik, M Mostofa ; Pages: 32-36

Studies on prevalence of ascariasis in indigenous chickens in Gaibandha district and treatment by pineapple leaves extract
Authors: MK Akter, FB Aziz, MN Islam, MB Rashid, M Hasan ; Pages: 37-42

Comparative efficacy of neem leaves extract and levamisole against ascariasis in chicken
Authors: BK Saha, MAA Hasan, MA Rahman, MM Hassan, N Begum; Pages: 43-48

Effects of Neem, Nishyinda and Papaya leaves as growth promoters in broiler chicks
Authors: ABMM Kamal, F Boby, Z Shahjada, AKM Lutfuzzaman, AA Motin, KJ Alam and M Mostofa; Pages: 49-55