Volume 5, Issue 1 (February 2018)

Research Articles

Cattle production scenario in few rural areas at Pabna district of Bangladesh
Authors: Talukder MAI, Shahjahan M, Salahuddin M, Munira S, Miah MAH, Habib MR, Billah MM, Rahman SM, Haque MN, Yeasmin MN,  Islam MS, Ali MY and Kabir MH; Pages: 01-06 

Effects of land use on soil properties
Authors: Sarker KR, Mian MJA, Barman SC and Kader MA; Pages: 07-14 

Assessment of water quality in media-based aquaponic culture in Bangladesh
Authors: Akter B, Salam MA, Chakraborty SC, Mumu UH and Akhter F; Pages: 15-24 

Sero-diagnosis of toxoplasmosis by using lateral flow chromatographic assay
Authors: Hossain MB, Ali MY, Rahman MH, Munsi MN and Talukder MH; Pages: 25-29 

Relationship between adequate antenatal care and newborn birth weight among Bangladeshi women
Authors: Akter MK and Begum J; Pages: 30-34 

Economic Investigation of BRRI dhan29 and hybrid rice production in Bangladesh: The case of Haor area
Authors: Rahaman MS, Sarkar MAR, Deb L, Kabir MJ, Sarker MR and Siddique MAB; Pages: 35-43 

Phenotypic and productive traits of kurbani bulls as livelihood changes of farmers during Eid-Ul-Azha in Mymensingh district
Authors: Hossain MA, Islam MS and Hashem MA; Pages: 44-51 

Therapeutic effects of ethnomedicinal plants used against various diseases in Bangladesh
Authors: Begum S, Begumu S and Mussa MT ; Pages: 52-58